Monday, May 8, 2017

We Definitely Will Be Having Watermelon This Summer

I think that I told you back in August (when we first arrived here in Manitoba) that we picked what we thought was a watermelon out of the garden, only to find that it was a pumpkin. Oddly enough, it looked like a watermelon to us until we cut it open haha. Well, this year we decided on what we wanted to plant and I picked up seeds for watermelon and cantaloupe and that was just for starters!!

I am a bit nervous though that we might have gotten carried away. We planted zillions of nasturtium seeds  to pretty up the yard and they came up a whole lot faster than I expected them too... They want to get out into the garden NOW and the 24th of May weekend is still a few weeks off.  We thought that maybe we would plant a few today to see how well they do... and then Mother Nature decided to rain on us. She could have at least have let us know ahead of time. NOTHING IN THE FORECAST AT ALL.

We are either going to be dead by the end of the summer, because we bit off more than we could chew or we are going to have great abs... all of us!!  Will let you know ;)

Photo credit... morguefile

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