Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trying To Decide On Which Blender To Buy!

I think that I might have told you that our blender is on it's last legs. Actually, we thought that it had completely burned itself out... our kitchen smelled horrible, but the next time we turned it on and crossed our fingers it worked again!!

Anyway, at some point, we are going to need to replace it so I did a bit of asking around. I was thinking about a Ninja Blender... so asked about that one and received quite a bit of feedback. We were given a couple of different options... Here's where we are sitting at the moment. Buy a cheap one and see how long it will last or buy a $500.00 blender (which we received really good reviews) and go with that one.

And now we have a new choice... an expensive one that has been refurbished and cheaper or a brand new one?   

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