Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Almost Time For Lunch

And there is nothing better than plain old Kraft Dinner. We grew up on the stuff and here I am getting excited about it again. I guess that it just comes down to comfort food and if Kraft Dinner doesn't fall into that category, I don't know what would.

Just finished taking all of the lawn chairs off the front porch. This afternoon, they are going to get a good scrubbing and then set out in the sun to dry. I can't believe how much they have faded. I'm beginning to thing that good old fashioned Adirondack chairs might be perfect for the porch. The movers broke two of what we had anyway!

And then there is the porch itself. There are two spiders near the ceiling that look like miniature crabs. Not going near those. Hubby can take care of those when he gets home.

Well, I hear that Kraft Dinner being scraped out of the bowl onto plates... lunch awaits!

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