Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 Summer Time Recipes You Can't Live Without!

 I don't think that there is a better place to grow up than on a farm when you are a kid. We had a massive garden and I'm surprised that there was anything left to actually use to make lunches and dinners during the summer months, but there always was. I don't think mom or dad had any idea how often we raided the garden... but we always seemed to have room for lunch or dinner whenever we were called. If only I could eat like that now lol...

Summer Time Coleslaw what is summer without coleslaw? It just makes summer perfect! That and potato salad lol...

Restaurant Style Potato Salad on my way to trying every potato salad recipe I can find.

Strawberry Lemonade It used to be plain lemonade... but then when I tasted strawberry lemonade, there was no going back!!

Tomato Cucumber Salad... used to eat a lot of this kind of salad because it was two things in our garden that refused to stop growing!!

Strawberry Shortcut Cake... yes, we grew a lot of strawberries back then too. You would think that we would get sick of them, but we never did!!

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