Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Things I Didn't Know About Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mix - Hazelnut Flavor, 16 oz1. There are many types of cocoa trees grown in different regions along the equator including Africa, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, Indonesia and Malaysia. To date, I have only seen them in Martinique.

2. The chocolate that we salivate over come from three distinct cocoa bean:

The Forastero, the most bitter of all cocoa beans
The Criollo: the one that is the mildest
The Trinitario: which is a hybrid of the two varieties above.

3. Strangely enough, the less sugar that is added to the chocolate, the better the flavor.

4. White chocolate isn't chocolate at all apparently. Unless the "white chocolate" has a yellow cast, there is no trace of any chocolate in the ingredient list at all. If the white chocolate is a yellowish shade, it is because it contains cocoa butter. Now you know!

5. Things to consider... the "scent" of the chocolate. If you rub it between your fingers, a lot of different scents should greet you. Chocolate apparently has a lot of layers to it. Same goes for when you taste it. All chocolate is not created equal!

6. The first chocolate drink was thought to be made up of ground cocao bean paste mixed with spices and corn. The spices added to the recipe I can understand. Not quite sure the roll of the corn?

7. Apparently the Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 golden goblets of hot chocolate every day. That is a lot of hot chocolate!

8. In the UK, about 25 pounds of chocolate is consumed each year. I can believe it. I've tasted their chocolate. It's is quite amazing!

9. Bosco Chocolate Syrup was actually used in the movie Psycho for the blood scene. I wonder is that brand is still around??

10. Okay, I'm still working on this one!!

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