Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Valentines Day

1. Frame an old valentine and hang it on the wall.
2. Grab a set of heart inspired paper napkins. Actually I would use them throughout the month of February.
3. Red candles are perfect for kitchen counters... and if they are to be used, sit them on coasters to catch the possible candle drips.
4. Make a batch of plain vanilla cupcake. Frost them with butter frosting and then sprinkle with red sugar. That should take you an hour or so if you use a cake mix!
5. Instead of buying a card this year, you might want to think about creating your own and with all of the scrapbooking materials on the store shelves these days, it couldn't be easier.
6. If you have been saving your Valentine cards from previous year, you could glue them to a ribbon to create a hanging display. Hang from a tiny push pin (decorative ones are available at home reno stores) and then remove when February draws to a close.
7. Fill little jars with candy hearts. Can you believe that they are still around?? And if you want something even hotter, go with the tiny red hearts!!

A Little Help :)

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