Friday, September 18, 2009

I Baked a Cake!!

german chocolate birthday cakeImage by ginnerobot via Flickr

Yesterday was hubbies birthday and I actually baked a cake from scratch and it turned out amazing. I am usually in such a rush, the best I can do is bake a batch of cookies, but yesterday was special and I knew that he would love a cake! I was a bit apprehensive about attempting a double layer, but it worked out quite nicely. The trick was in the frosting. I used what I thought would be absolutely tons, but no one complained about too much frosting so I guess it was just right lol... Anyway, after placing the top layer in place, I frosted the top and then it was time for the sides. I was getting pretty nervous. The sides can completely ruin the cake if crumbs start "rubbing off". But again, it seems that using a lot of icing will seal in all the crumbs quite nicely. Once the edges were completely frosted, I did the old "hob knob" effect... which my daughter had never seen before. She was impressed lol and she is the cook in the family! I actually impressed my daughter!

After yesterday, I just might spend a little more time in the kitchen lol...

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