Monday, August 10, 2009

Mastering The Art of French Cooking... the cookbook

Mastering the art of French cooking... well, this ought to be fun lol... seeing that I rarely even go into the kitchen. I do like my gadgets, and maybe cookbooks fall into that category. I could sit with a cookbook for hours just dreaming about how good some of the stuff tastes.

French cooking... the French like a lot of sauces don't they? How hard could a sauce be to make? ;) I wonder if anyone would make a movie out of me?? Mastering The Art of French Cooking, Volume One

Leave me your thoughts... pick anything lol...
* Are you a fan of French food?
* What's your favorite dish?
* Can you cook?
* What's your best dish?
* How much time do you spend in the kitchen?
* Who taught you to cook?
* When was the last time you cooked anything??
* What was it?

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