Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Had an Offer on Our House Last Night

For Sale Sign - PanamaImage by thinkpanama via Flickr

Around seven o'clock last night we had a real estate agent come over with an offer. Funny thing is... the house is not on the market! Been there and done that and it was a waste of time. But when this agent was knocking on doors on our street with a couple that wanted to move onto OUR street, we said... what did we have to lose?? They viewed the house when Britt and I were out shopping and darling husband was the only one home to tidy up. He did a pretty decent job, but the arranging of fancy pillows on the beds etc. never got done. The couple seemed to like the house anyway.

Only problem is... we didn't like their offer. They have until noon to see if they will up their offer. That's still 2 hours away. We shall see!

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