Monday, June 29, 2009

LX Series 15 Piece Cutlery Set by Calphalon - Calphalon -

Details... Today, I think that we shall talk about knives. I have to admit, I'm still using a paring knife that I got at a wedding shower and that was in the dark ages. But, I like how it feels. Knives tend to scare me, so I like to stay with what I'm familiar with. However, darling daughter is constantly telling me that the knife is so dull, I'm going to cut off a finger.

* Why do I want this set?
My knives are never in one place. It would be nice to know exactly where each particular knife can be found. And as I mentioned above, I tend to use one knife for just about everything. Probably not a good idea.

* Who makes/made it?
The knife set is made by a company called Calphalon out of Germany and is currently selling in Bloomingdales."

* How much does it cost?
$279.99 and my daughter who used to work with a chef swears that the more you pay for knives, the better the quality. Apparently the ones that I have pretty much suck!

* What is it made of?
The knives are made of premium German steel for durability, sharpness and edge retention. Okay the sharpness part is creeping me out, but daughter says that this is important! Also mentioned is high carbon stainless steel and handle made of fiberglass reinforced poly-resin.

* What do I like about it??
Set includes: 3.5' parer, 4.5' tomato bagel, 5' santuko, 6' utility, 8' chef's, 8' bread, 6 steak knives, shears, steel, and walnut block.

LX Series 15 Piece Cutlery Set by Calphalon - Calphalon -

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