Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Father's Day

Raisins and instant oatmeal after preparation.Image via Wikipedia

I'm sitting at the kitchen table this morning watching dad make oatmeal for everyone. Yes, that gives you some idea of the weather around here, but apparently it is supposed to get warmer later today. Here's hoping.

Britt made her dad a card and I think that it was her best yet. What would we ever do without construction paper?? It was a picture of her dad and she even cut a bit of her own hair to glue to "his" head. Unfortunately it didn't work quite as well as she had hoped. It just wouldn't stick. So, his hair and mustache is now colored in with a pencil crayon. You should see his mustache. It's there lol, but it looks nothing like the mustache that he actually sports. His is long... sort of a Tom Selleck style. On the card, it looks like he cuts it every morning so that it's just a tiny line above his lip. I think that this is going to be one of those cards that we laugh about for years to come.

Now time to enjoy that oatmeal?? Yeah, Britt did say that she wanted to make him breakfast but he rushed down and started the oatmeal before either one of us were up. Is he trying to tell us something??

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