Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coca Cola Cupcake Recipe

"This is an awesome coca cola cupcake recipe. A friend gave me this cupcake recipe, and I fell in love with it. It makes moist delicious cupcakes that will please almost any chocolate lover. Coca Cola cupcakes are wonderful desserts for a grownup party. Just place a single cupcake on a plate and garnish with mint and maybe some chocolate covered pretzels."

* Why am I sharing?
My little sister works for Coca Cola and I'm hoping that she will make us a batch!

* What is unique about it?
The addition of Coke to the batter makes it pretty unique. I wonder how it will affect the taste? I can't even imagine!

* How much does it cost?
It only calls for a cup of cola, so I shouldn't think that it would be overly expensive! It also contains 22 large marshmallows.

Click Here for the Coca Cola Cupcake Recipe:

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