Sunday, July 23, 2017

Snakes 0... Ticks... Too Many To Count

I thought that I would love living in the country, growing our food pretty much for free and having no neighbors. Yes, you can find me out in the garden in my pjs... until I found out about the ticks. The good thing though is that I haven't seen even one snake so far and summer is pretty much half over! The garden is looking pretty good and we have more raspberries than the three of us can eat... now if I could just find something that would take care of the ticks, I was be a very happy gardener!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

What I'm Doing Today...

Today we are going to look UNDER the kitchen counter. There are probably things under there that haven't been used in years. Time to pull out everything and decide what to keep and what is simply taking up space. If you have been married as long as I have, chances are you will find some interesting things under there!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I Nearly Stepped on a Snake Yesterday

This Was Last Year... (I wrote it and then forgot to post it)
I have heard that Manitoba is known for it's Garter Snakes, but I really don't want to know anything more!  We have been here a grand total of 2 weeks and I have seen two so far. That is more than enough.

Darling daughter mentioned at breakfast this morning that there are actual dens of snakes that you can view. Don't know where and didn't ask!! That just creeps me out!!
The snake that I saw yesterday, slithered into a little opening under the front steps. Now every time I go up or down them, I'm going to be wondering how many snakes are under there??

THIS YEAR... Any time now, all those garter snakes are going to wake up and start slithering around the yard!!  I don't even want to think about it... maybe I really am a City Girl who shouldn't be living in the country!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

We Definitely Will Be Having Watermelon This Summer

I think that I told you back in August (when we first arrived here in Manitoba) that we picked what we thought was a watermelon out of the garden, only to find that it was a pumpkin. Oddly enough, it looked like a watermelon to us until we cut it open haha. Well, this year we decided on what we wanted to plant and I picked up seeds for watermelon and cantaloupe and that was just for starters!!

I am a bit nervous though that we might have gotten carried away. We planted zillions of nasturtium seeds  to pretty up the yard and they came up a whole lot faster than I expected them too... They want to get out into the garden NOW and the 24th of May weekend is still a few weeks off.  We thought that maybe we would plant a few today to see how well they do... and then Mother Nature decided to rain on us. She could have at least have let us know ahead of time. NOTHING IN THE FORECAST AT ALL.

We are either going to be dead by the end of the summer, because we bit off more than we could chew or we are going to have great abs... all of us!!  Will let you know ;)

Photo credit... morguefile

Rainy Days Mean Peanut Butter Cookies Baking in the Oven

It's pouring down rain right now and I have plans for this afternoon, but nothing for this morning and then I remembered. Mom always made cookies on rainy mornings... in the summer at least. Have no idea if she did the same while we were at school... but definitely during the summer. So I think that I will copy the tradition and make peanut butter cookies.

That made me begin to wonder about the history of the cookie and those criss cross marks that were pressed into them. Apparently... they were first mentioned in the  Schenectady Gazette on July 1, 1932. That means that they are even older than that!

photo credit... morguefile

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kitchen Counter Clutter!!

It's almost as if the counters are made of magnetic material and items simply fly through the air to land on every surface possible. Today, I'm going to turn the timer on for ten minutes and see if that is long enough to de-clutter the counter.  Here's hoping that it doesn't take me longer!!

To be honest, this still looks messy to me but it was the only photo that I could find of a kitchen counter. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm too critical lol!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trying To Decide On Which Blender To Buy!

I think that I might have told you that our blender is on it's last legs. Actually, we thought that it had completely burned itself out... our kitchen smelled horrible, but the next time we turned it on and crossed our fingers it worked again!!

Anyway, at some point, we are going to need to replace it so I did a bit of asking around. I was thinking about a Ninja Blender... so asked about that one and received quite a bit of feedback. We were given a couple of different options... Here's where we are sitting at the moment. Buy a cheap one and see how long it will last or buy a $500.00 blender (which we received really good reviews) and go with that one.

And now we have a new choice... an expensive one that has been refurbished and cheaper or a brand new one?